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ARM DSTREAM-ST High-Performance Debugger

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The debug connection you can rely on

The Arm DSTREAM-ST High-Performance Debug and Trace unit enables powerful software debug and optimization on any Arm processor-based hardware target.

With features such as accelerated hardware bring-up for many development platforms and open debug interface for use with third-party tools, DSTREAM-ST is a comprehensive solution for development and debug of complex SoCs when paired with DS-5 Development Studio.

  • Support for Armv8

    Debug for Arm architecture versions v4 to v8. Whether it's legacy or the very latest, DSTREAM-ST has it covered.

  • Lightning Fast

    State of the art target interface design which auto tunes to the target platform ensures ultra fast download speeds, reliable and responsive debug.

  • Streaming Trace

    Capture 4-pin external instrumentation trace (STM, ITM) and stream it live to your host PC over USB3 or GbE interfaces. Cortex-M external instruction trace and on-chip trace is also supported. 

  • Flexible Debug

    Connectors and adapters for JTAG, CoreSight and TI. Compatible with 3rd party IP and debuggers to give you maximum flexibility.


    Accelerated Development

    Brand new state of the art target interface design which auto tunes to the target platform, along with FPGA acceleration delivers extremely high download speeds and helps you step through your code super-fast on single and multicore devices.

    DSTREAM-ST comes with all the cables and adapters you need to connect to targets using standard Arm 20 way JTAG, TI 14 way JTAG, CoreSight 10/20 and MICTOR 38 connectors to give you as much flexibility as possible, regardless of the device you are using in your project.

    DSTREAM-ST is fully integrated into the Arm DS-5 Development Studio which includes powerful software utilities to assist with SoC bring-up and hardware validation. It also provides interfaces for third-party and custom tools. From initial development to device bring-up, make DS-5 and DSTREAM-ST your debug solution.

Armv8 Support

DSTREAM-ST is designed with complex SoC bring-up in mind, so presents a complete solution to save significant development time when paired up with DS-5 Ultimate Edition and Armv8 SoCs. DS-5 comes with a platform configuration utility (PCE) that can use DSTREAM-ST to interrogate your target device to locate both core and CoreSight configuration elements. PCE can then auto create the DS-5 platform configuration, providing you several debug and trace configurations thus saving you time during platform bringup. To complement this, we also provide a high-level abstraction layer (the debug and trace services layer - DTSL), which makes adding customized trace objects and catering for complex topologies significantly easier.

Used and trusted by our partners around the world for Armv8 development, DSTREAM-ST and DS-5 Ultimate Edition, backed up with Arm expert support have been instrumental to complex Cortex-A53 & Cortex-A57 based SoC bring up. Contact ARM to learn how we can support you in your next SoC design process.


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